KCC Player Pathway

The player pathway model aims to put building blocks in place to ensure that there is a long term plan for sustained success and has been developed based on the Long Term Player Development Model (LTPD) in combination with our local context.

  1. Progression - Ensure there is a clear pathway for developing players.

  1. Participation - Ensure all players have the opportunity to train and play.

  1. Performance - Ensure that the structure allows players and teams to compete at the appropriate level.

The player pathway is a visual representation of a players journey from the 'learn to play' phase to the 'competitive/ elite' level. Also represented is the 'football for life' pathway which allows players to continue playing football in veteran and masters football.

The model below shows the connection between our Yau Yee League and Legal League squads, which will be coordinated by team coaches and managers on a weekly basis.